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Kids Place Browser displays your white listed websites on the main page by default.



Tap on menu overflow icon (three white vertical dots on top right corner) to access settings for parental control configuration.



Tap on Manage Web Content Filtering to configure your personal filtering rules; white and black list of websites.



In the control panel screen, login with your account or if you have not set up the account please, tap on create new account to set up an account.



Once you login to control panel, you can see filter rules and list of categories that are blocked by default. Tap on a category to block and unblock all the websites in that category.



To change a filter rule tap on filter rule drop down and select one of the following options:

Block all blacklisted categories
Blocks all the websites in the checked categories list. Also, allows websites added in white list and blocks websites added in black list.

Allow by category
This rule will block all categories you have selected in "Blocked categories" section along with all the websites that are not featured in any of categories. In other words: only websites from categories unselected in "Blocked categories" section will be allowed.

Allow only Parent’s Approved
Only allows pre-selected list of websites considered as child appropriate by other parents. Also, allows websites added in white list and blocks websites added in black list.

Allow my Whitelist only
Only allows viewing websites added in white list and rest of the sites is blocked.

Block my Blacklist only
Only blocks the sites added to black list and rest of the sites are allowed.



To add websites to white/black list, tap on settings icon to top bar and then tap on white/black list option on the side bar:

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